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St. Mary of Magdala Church has its roots in a group of year-round Cape residents who were searching for for a place where they could worship in a way which cherished their Catholic roots while maintaining an open and welcoming attitude toward all. They began gathering in 2005 and as the years passed members of the community began to recognize the call from God to form themselves as an Ecumenical Catholic Community. St. Mary of Magdala Church is affiliated with the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of New England.

At a meeting on May 17, 2009, the community reached the decision that it would henceforth be known as St. Mary of Magdala Church, An Ecumenical Catholic Community. In 2011 St. Mary of Magdala Church was incorporated as a non-profit entity in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In early 2013 we received recognition from th IRS as a 501 (c)3 organization. St. Mary of Magdala Church continues to meet for worship at the Chapel on the grounds of Evensong Retreat Center. Rev. Marie David and Most Rev. Jim David serve as its co-pastors.


Evensong SignChapel Entrance

Pictured at left: Sign in front of our property; on the right is the entrance to St. Mary of Magdala Chapel.

 St. Mary of Magdala Church is Catholic in its heritage and worship, while Ecumenical in its makeup and outreach to the wider community.  It is affiliated with the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of New England.   We gather to celebrate Mass each Sunday throughout the year at 10:00 a.m., and all are welcome to join us.  Our mission statement reads as follows:

We are an ecumenical community,
The Body of Christ, St. Mary of Magdala Church.
As the Church in this place at this time,
We are called to:
Gather for worship;
Cherish our living Catholic Tradition;
Witness the Gospel; and
Minister to others as Christians in the world.
All are welcome here.

For more information please contact Revs. Jim or Marie David at 508-432-0027
or join us any Sunday for Mass at 10:00a.m.

St. Mary of Magdala Church gathers for worship every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. and anyone is welcome to join us.

Mass is celebrated throughout the year, including the summer months,on Sundays at 10:00 am.  Our liturgies are open to all and we are frequently blessed with visitors.  Our community is comprised of young and old
Altar Servers

Each week we begin our liturgical celebration by having people turn to the people next to them, introduce themselves and share one thing that they are grateful for.  In the midst of the chaos that surrounds us in our world, it is important to keep focused on the goodness in our lives

Here are some comments by community members regarding what St. Mary of Magdala Church means to them::
“I especially appreciate the atmosphere of reverence and prayer-both at the altar and in the community.  There is no sense of being rushed and we are comfortable with times of silence.  We are a community at prayer - participating from the moment we greet one another with expressions of gratitude, through the opportunity to add our own reflections on the readings and wonder of wonders our inclusion in the proclamation “Through Christ, with Christ and in Christ”.  I love having both a woman and a man as celebrants and to lead, guide and counsel.  I truly appreciate the inclusive language.”

            “We came to Evensong looking for a church that would be like all the good things we knew the Catholic Church should and could be, and found it.  Positive, not negative, about a loving God, full of hope that welcomes all.”

            “Evensong is as church community was meant to be – inclusive, open, welcoming and honoring the anima and animus of the Divine, making real in our world Jesus’ command to love and serve.”

         Our community is:
 “ A fresh breeze in a stale world.
               A sign of hope when all seems lost.
               A place of rest and renewal amid the speed and chaos of life.
               A place of people gathering along the journey
   To be honest, to be humble, to pray.
The best of the past
And the promise of the future.”  



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St. Mary of Magdala Church, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) Organization.
Our Ecumenical Catholic Community
meets at St. Peter's Lutheran Church,
310 MA-Route 137, East Harwich, MA

St. Mary of Magdala Church is proud to be affiliated with



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